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Heading into Week 5

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It’s been an explosive week of creativity in Section 2 and I am excited to see that most of the class has kept on their Daily Creates and have done more than the 10 stars worth of assignments. We are assembling collections of the work we see as the “best” of the visual assignments as well as best of the Daily Creates. Check this out, and Always Be Commenting.

Remembering that just doing the assignment satisfies the baseline for credit; going above that with details on your back story and process, or experimenting with the form, takes you to A-Game level. Many of you are doing that.

This will be repeated in class, and many of you picked this up, but we request that you do not do single posts of your daily create- it floods the main site with a stream of mini-posts; so I am asking that you do a weekly recap of your DCs and your assignments. How you do this is up to you- just remember that when we schedule conference sto review your work, you will want to have some way of showing me in an organized fashion the work that you have done. So weekly recaps, organizing your blog posts into categories, creating flickr sets of your DCs/assignments are all good ideas, as well as some way fo tracking your participating in blog commenting.

I am doing the same work you are doing, and posted an example of how I would do my recaps if I were a student; again, this is not to say this is a required format, but you should develop what works for you as a portfolio.

This week we continue working with the visual form, but move into the section on Design. This is another week of doing Daily Creates each day. You will be asked to do more stars worth (likely 15 this week) of Design Assignments, keep your eye posted to the ds106 weekly assignments for the full details (this should be published before class tomorrow).

Bring your cameras and computers to class Monday; we will be doing a designblitz activity, hearing from Tim Owens a short presentation on design, and working in class on a group activity, that completed, can count for one of your assignments.

Keep up the pace of ds106- it never slows down.

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