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Prep for Week 9: Come Ready to Edit

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This week we are going to get more into the creation side of video, starting with a next step project with your analysis last week of a film. Here are some things I’d like you to have ready for Monday’s class.

Get ready to grab videos
A lot of the clips we are using are ones we need to download from sites like YouTube and Vimeo so we can edit them (you want to be able to get them as mp4 files). There are rafts of sites if you google on “download Youtube” The ones I recommend are:

  • PwnYouTube a bookmark tool you can use to get download links for web videos.
  • Download YouTube as mp4 click the “install” button to add this to your Chrome or Firefox browser, it adds a download button to youtube pages.
  • Web tools like keepvid (tons more)

Just make sure you experiment with one… And come with at least 2 clips from the movie you analyzed for last week’s assignment (our network may get overloaded if we all do this in class).

Get MPEG StreamCLip
This free tools is very useful for working with clips from video, it allows you to mark segments of video you want to use, and convert/save it easily. It also has a built in ability to to this directly from YouTube URLs.

Download the appropriate version for your computer, we will review how to use it in class

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