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Week 14 Checklist and Archiving

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What needs to be done this week. All items must be done by midnight Sunday, April 29 You must write up 3 blog posts, detailed below, one summarizing all things done on this checklist, one for your final project, and one for a final reflection.

  • Schedule a 30 minute block of time to review your ds106 portfolio Between Monday April 30 and Friday, May 4. Use the calendar or contact me directly. Provide at least 3 options for times to meet. IF YOU DO NOT MAKE AN APPOINTMENT, YOU CANNOT PASS THIS CLASS. Is that clear?
  • Organize your blog to be able to show Assignments by type, examples of course participating, daily creates, tutorials written (4), assignments created (4), best of work.
  • Archiving Your Blog
    • You are required to create a backup on UMW Blogs We will do an export/import process on Friday. Tonight, we will create a holding spot; as a suggestion use the domain for your blog as its name.
    • Edit Your profile on the site to indicate the URL for your UMW archive.
    • Options for future of your blog- let go, or migrate for free to Hippie Hosting service (details provided Thursday).
  • Final Projects Post At least 5 paragraphs, including embedded/linked media, and web links to sources as appropriate. This post should fully explain your project to someone not familiar with it. Suggestions to include the idea behind/inspiration behind it; what does it mean to you? what is the story? what makes it storytelling? Describe the process for the making of, including links to all source media.
  • Final Reflection Post Again, at least five paragraphs inwardly reflective on this course experience. Cite yourself by links to previous work. These are items you might consider; this is not a list of questions to ask, but ones to guide you. This is your reflection.
    • Return to your original post on personal cyperinfrastructure, and write a response/update after your course experience.
    • What does storytelling mean to you now?
    • What did you gain the most from this course?
    • Talk about your best work on assignments and dailycreate- talk about why you picked them.
    • What would you say to future students about this class?
    • If you were in charge of this class, what would you change?

On Archiving

Ego Surfing – google your full nam ein quotes – who is me?

Personas: How Does the Internet See You?

UMW Archiving Course

The history of a wikipedia page Jon Udell’s Heavy Metal Umlaut

Internet Archive Wayback Machine – look up – why does it only go back to 2004? What happens if you put the wayback machine url in the wayback machine?

Google recursion or tilt

Video of other class section class on archiving

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