It’s the end of the semester. You have put a lot of content, time, sweat, tears (?) into the blog you set up for the course.

But will you keep it forever? Should you stop paying for your web hosting, will the links to your assignments from the ds106 site be ever broken? What if you later decided to move your site elsewhere? The information below will help you archive your work. All students are required to at least make a backup for their site on UMW Blogs.

In addition, we have a new (free!) web hosting option for UMW students- happily named Hippie Hosting, that we are piloting for future student use. Using the instructions below, you will be able to move your content from your current paid for hosting (e.g. Castiron Coding) to this new location.

When you have archived your blogs and have decided on your web site strategy, please let me know of your choices.