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Week 8 Assignments: Audio Post and Video Pre

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While this week we are are broadcasting the products of the audio shows (all shows and content are listed on the class wiki), this is also our transition into our course portion on video. The assignments for this week are detailed on the ds106 site, are due Sunday March 18 at midnight, and summarized below.

  • Audio Show Review Write a blog post with a review of one of the audio shows and documentaries done in class this week. If your show was aired on Monday, review one of the Wednesday shows (and vice versa). Include more than “I liked the show”- offer specific observations about their techniques and any suggestions you might have. Tag this posy “audioreview” (no quotes)
  • Analyze a Movie Pick a favorite movie that you think demonstrates notable cinema technique (scripting, camerwork, acting, lighting, music, set design, etc). If you are seeking ideas, you cannot go wrong with the AFI top 100 movies of all time. Read Roger Ebert’s essay on How to Read a Movie. Use the resources listed on the assignment to identify the film genre.

    Write a blog post summarizing how you “read” this movie, exploring its genre, and include at least 2 YouTube clips to support your points. Tag this post “analyzethis” (no quotes).

  • Daily Creates Again, complete three daily creates this week, in which there will be more video tasks. We have a special one set for Wednesday, March 14- and you are required to make this one of your three.
  • Video Assignment Pre-Production You will not have any star assignment requirements until next week when we review video editing, but as preparation, you are to review the upcoming Video Assignments, and from the ones listed below, do some of the pre-production work that will be necessary to complete these next week. Complete at least two of the following video pre-assignments that would be the prep for completing the entire assignment next week. Please blog about each one individually using the tag “preproduction” (no quotes) and be sure to provide a link back to the specific assignment.

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