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Getting Ready for Getting Ready for Western106

By Posted in - Western 106 Dispatches on January 6th, 2016 0 Comments Public Domain Image from Pixabay

This web site is starting to shape up. Today we got in place all the pages, many of them placeholders, for the Western 106 Course – it will be populated as we move through time.

As a beginning of some explanation, see What The Heck is this DS106 Thing. Keep in mind that this experience is being built in flight, so I am not sure where it is going. And for a longer view, read our Syllabust.

The show will kick off on Monday January 11, 2016. Don;t worry about missing anything, the first 2 weeks are really the warm up. In previous versions of DS106 we called in “Boot Camp” but here we will be calling it “Blog Riding Camp” a time to set up or modify your blogs, practice some publishing, and a few other challenges to toss your way.

For those wanting to get started, here is a quick list of stuff you can be doing. Of course, it’s all options. I can’t make anyone do anything.

  • Get a twitter account. We don.t care if you ever use it, though frankly, the #ds106 hashtag and our #western106 hashtag are the best means to be in the mix, find info, and whoop it up.
  • Figure Out Where You Will hang Your Blog Hat You need a blog to be in the mix. Any kind of blog as long as it spits out an RSS feed. See Connecting to DS106 for a friendly walk through of your options.

    If you have done DS106 before, double check if your blog is already in our syndication bus. If so, let us know of any changes. and especially if you are planning to do western106 via our contact form (we just need to re-tag your blog).

  • Write at least something on your shiny blog. We cannot syndicated anything without something there.
  • Hitch Your Blog to DS106. If this blog has never been used for DS106, register it via our new signup form. Check that your affiliation is set for DS106.
  • Check The Hitching Wait at least an hour after publishing a post on your site to see if it shows up on the Western 106 Corral at DS106 – this is where all posts will pasture together.
  • Sign Up for Our Dispatches we will be sending updates via our Western 106 Dispatch, transmitted via Tinyletter, sign up for it to ride into your inbox.
  • Try on some Daily Creates start getting in a good, healthy, creative habit of doing a few of these a week. Check out today’s challenge.
  • Watch Some Movies We just started assembling a playlist of full western movies, check out the Western 106 Cinema Room

And you know what would be a really good thing? Rope some other friends or colleagues or kin to be part of Western106…

See you out on the ranch.

public domain image from Pixabay

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