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First Clicks with the GIFaChrome

By Posted in - Bag of Tricks & Headless Final Project & Headless Tricks on December 7th, 2013 0 Comments glitchapp


Wow, have I been delinquent on catching up on the crazy creative riffing going on among the ds106ers in Google+. Besides spinning out Collaborative GIF stories they have mashed up glitch art and animated GIFs, and discovered/invented an entire new kind of photographic device, the GIFaChrome.

Check out the new site Rochelle is weaving to document the history, technology, and art of this post modern camera. Who needs Kodachrome (yawn) when we got GIFaChrome?

But what has really blown the wind up my skirt is the app that john Johnston made to generate glitch images and even save them as animated GIFs.

It’s pretty much click and try, but the results are unpredictable (and that is the creative fun)


I’m still trying to adjust my exposures and get the right ISO settings, but am eager to try more; so far I have merely glitched my tattoo (it did not hurt as much as it may appear).


I want to get my hand on that new Layercake version!

Rochelle is weaving/assisting two different end of Headless ds106 activities– her GIFaChome work AND helping corral some “Best of ds106” work we can highlight Friday Dec 13 as a Headless Party.

Stay tuned! And get your GIFaChrome on!

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