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Wonder Woman Wants YOU to Participate in a MultiDay ds106 Daily Create Remixathon

By Posted in - Headless Daily Creates & Headless Tricks on December 5th, 2013 1 Comments wonder-woman-inspects-navy-sm


Are you going you ignore a woman in leather boots, a starred bikini bottom, and armed with a whip? Are you? Once she is done inspecting the Japanese Navy, she’s looking for you. Get cracking.

I’ve set in motion over the next four days another experiment in the ds106 Daily Create. In the last year, I have injected a few challenges that involve remixing the work done in previous daily creates– this is going to happen over next 4 days, each one will call on you to make something from what someone else created the previous day. I hope to see remixes of remixes of remixes of a remix.

So it would help to have a lot for today’s Daily Create:

Create a visual that might accompany one of the mashed up headlines from @twoheadlines.

“Comedy is when you take two headlines about different things and then confuse them.” @twoheadlines tweets a new one every hour.

Find one that you can create a photo image that would go with the story. Be sure to provide a link to the original tweet (you will understand why tomorrow). Upload your photo to flickr and tag it dailycreate and tdc697

This is a remix in itself as you need to find images that are related to the remixed headlines, and find a way to combine them. They definitely lend themselves to funny combos “New York Knicks To Launch Dual Screen Android YotaPhone In December” “What Do Government Agencies Have Against 23andMe, Maui, and Airbnb?” or “New Orleans Saints thrashed by Joe Biden, 34-7” All are totally visual toys.

The one I ended up choosing was:

My source images were both open licensed:

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Shaun Wong

and from wikimedia Commons, a public domain image of Japanese Sailors

Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

I wanted to have Wonder Woman (who looks pretty butch IMHO) inspecting the trips, so I horizontally flipped her (ducking her lariat), and removes the gray background. IN the sailor image, the two officers on the right were facing the wrong direction, so I used the clone brush to make them vanish — Wonder Woman pretty much covered where they were, but it it always fun to see how you can “erase” people in Photoshop.


The back story —

With US reputation at stake internationally, President Obama had his military leaders pull in one of the most trustworthy emissaries. Wonder Woman here inspects the Japanese Imperial Navy and later she consulted in tactical improvements for the JDS Kashima.

Also, as part of the outreach, all troops aboard the ship will now carry magic lassos.

Next week, Wonder Woman heads off to Iran to whip up some support. Not literally, of course.


So for tomorrow’s Daily Create, you may get to remix this or the ones that someone else did.

Stay tuned. And Remix something.

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