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Some Video Tips from Dr Andy

By Posted in - How To & Spring 2012 UMW Tricks on March 20th, 2012 1 Comments

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Andy Rush, resident DTLT expert, creator of our video resource site just showed me a helpful tip for MPEG Stream Clip.

I’ve previously suggested using the Export – MPEG-4 option for saving your files, but he showed me that you will get a better quality video (and often a smaller file size) if you simply use the File -> Save As… option. This will keep the file in the same format it was, as it is not having to encode the video, it is also faster than converting.

Also, I’ve heard from one student that Windows Movie Maker may have trouble importing the downloaded internet video files. Dr Andy recommends the K-Lite Codec pack which will add support for playing most video types (but might nag you to edit your Windows Registry, ugh).

The other option is to convert the videos you downloaded to AVI, which Movie Maker can open- you can use MPEG stream clip to export to AVI – or google around a bit for free avi converters (there are online tools and downloadable ones).

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  • Chahira Nouira (@CosmoCat) - Reply

    March 20, 2012 at 9:00 am

    Cool tips, Thanks Alan !
    I also use Windows Movie Maker and it can be a nightmare especially for everything coming from my Flip Camera. I found Format Factory quite good with converting files.

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