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Starting to Make Movies This Week

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Links and resources for Monday’s class

Start blogging your projects or talking to me now about your final project- you have 7 weeks left and should be starting ASAP. If I don’t read about it on your blog, I’m gonna stalk ya down. Contact me and pitch your ideas. See the ds106 project archive for a few ideas.

Everything is a Remix (Part 2) Viewed in class, from Kirby Ferguson’s serious on remix culture.

What does this say about originality? Or another way to read films?

Raiders of the Lost Archives
“Shot-by-shot comparison of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” vs. scenes from 30 different adventure films made between 1919-1973″

Top 10 Famous Scenes (And the Movies They Were Inspired By)

This week’s Assignments: 15 stars Follow up on assignments from last week done as pre-production, also required is a 5 star one on a Video Essay (see the Shining Analysis below). The full details for this week and next is at

Shining Analysis

Fast Cheap and Under Control Video resource site

Internet Archive Source for historical footage and music you can use on projects

Clip Practice

Download MPEG StreamClip

Download Video Tool Add this to your broewser bookmark bar to enable easy download links for most web video sites (use MP4 option)

Assemble at least 5 cuts from your video clips for the movie you “read” last week, and resequence them in MPEG StreamCLip (in class activity). Use this tool to create trimmed portions of the original.


  • Open the original video (e.g. MP4).
  • Mark In and Out Points (use edit menu or just type “i” and “o” on keyboard to mark.
  • Create a Trim (command T) or under the edit menu. This creates a clip of just the portion you want to use.
  • If needed, mark and in and out points for portions to delete.
  • >When done, use Export to MPEG-4 (set quality to 100%). Use File – Save As… (it generally) provides better quality video than export). Save to a folder, and name your files in numerical order (precede file name with “1” and “2” to define the playback order
  • Use Edit-Revert All Changes to restore original clip- make new trims as needed
  • Once your clips are set, go to File- Open Files and multiple selet all of the files you want to to include in your final video. This will assemble them in the order of their file names.
  • Save your final video and upload to YouTube. Try out the YouTube editing features to add effects, titles, etc.

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  • Abbie - Reply

    March 20, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    I watched part I of everything is a remix and couldn’t wait for the second part which did not disappoint me after watching. Based off my knowledge of part I, I couldn’t help but agree that everything is indeed a remix. Think of songs, today, every artiste releases a remix of a song they or another artiste previously sang. Whitney Houston’s famous song “I will always love you” is a remix of Paula Patton’s song I will always love you”. Watch TV and almost all commercials start with ” the new and improved”. whether it’s soap, tooth paste, baby food, electronics, etc. Name it and I bet you will find a remixed version. Originality is great and am all for it, but if nothing at all, this video teaches me that whenever am stuck on ideas and lost on what to do, I can always go back to what others have done, add a few changes, “remix it” and it will be mine! Great piece!

    • CogDog - Reply

      March 20, 2012 at 2:16 pm

      I’m glad you are excited by this series.

      It is a question to me, though, is anything truly original (stick around for parts 3 and 4)- it is somewhat a myth to me; we all carry the shared history of ideas that flow through us. We remix all the time and don’t think of it that way.

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