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We’re Back

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Notte di nebbia per le strade milanesi

Hopefully the rest of my students whose blogs were messed up by Enre5807 are back to action, and their sites in tact. If not, let me know ASAP. For more on this event, see the report from Detective Kim Droom

Remember that we will start meeting next week at Dupont 215 so we have more room.

As a reminder, you have the following due by Sunday night (full details are on the ds106 site).

  • Reaction blog post to the three readings. Be sure to tag your post web20readings. You are fully expected to read them before a discussion session, this did not happen tonight, and thus the discussion was flat. You can also get some ideas from the Thursday 6:00 pm live video chat with Dr Bryan Alexander (tune in at
  • Distill key deals from these readings and represent using one of the web 2.0 tools listed at 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to tell a story. Be sure to embed this into a blog post and tag it web20story
  • always be commenting
  • Three Daily creates posted or written up as a recap.

This is a lot to do, so pace yourselves accordingly.

you did great on the 15 minute blitz on doing an Enre5807 story, you can find them among the hash tag #enre4life

For Monday, we start a two week stint on photography. Be sure to bring some sort of camera device to class.

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