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Digital Facelift / Cyberinfrastructure Discussion

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It was exciting to see the class get engaged in tonight’s discussion from Gardener Campbell’s paper on Personal Cyberinfrastructure and his video recorded talk on this topic. We now have an archive of this session in case you need to review

Students should be working on their reflection blog posts, but may want to wait to reference Gardner’s live appearance for the other da106 section (6pm EST can be viewed live at The archive is available

Below you will also find the references I prepared for class. We touched on ideas of online identity, personality, and a lot on the tension between what can or cannot be done effectively in fully online classes. We heard of robotics and examples of possible digital facelifts (electronic textbooks? Government forms?).


A Personal CyberInfrastructure (from EDUCAUSE Review).

Cyberinfrastructure is something more specific than the network itself, but it is something more general than a tool or a resource developed for a particular project, a range of projects, or, even more broadly, for a particular discipline.

— American Council of Learned Societies,
Our Cultural Commonwealth, 2006

Higher education almost completely ignored Marshall McLuhan’s central insight: new modes of communication change what can be imagined and expressed. “Any technology gradually creates a totally new human environment. Environments are not passive wrappings but active processes. . . . The ‘message’ of any medium or technology is the change of scale or pace or pattern that it introduces into human affairs.” Print is not advanced calligraphy. The web is not a more sophisticated telegraph.

Just as the real computing revolution didn’t happen until the computer became truly personal, the real IT revolution in teaching and learning won’t happen until each student builds a personal cyberinfrastructure that is as thoughtfully, rigorously, and expressively composed as an excellent essay or an ingenious experiment.

Representations of highlights
Tom Woodward “Bag of Gold” audio remix jan 11 20011

Tim Owens kinetic typography remix

Visual notes by Giulia Forsythe

No digital facelifts: thinking the unthinkable

Barbara Dieu made a mash up of her gold nuggets

Digital Facelift (Stella Meme)
Digital facelift Brazil Style

Bag of Gold Blackboard remix Tom Woodward

blog posts from last year

Matthew Presser disagrees with points on training wheels feb 2011

Barbara Dieu felt it was a bit American focus, reflects on international perspective,

It’s a radar…what part of that do you not understand?

“What sticks with me is the discussion about the old balloon system being replaced by the radar.

As Gardner puts it – “When radar was new it was found necessary to eliminate the balloon system for city protection that had preceded radar. The balloons got in the way of the electric feedback of the new radar information. The advanced defensive capabilities were stymied by the old defensive capabilities. Such may well prove to be the case with much of our existing school curriculum…”

Do we really need CyberInfrastructure D’Arcy Norman pushes back

The Puzzle Of My Own Personal Cyberinfrastructure
Brad Kozlek

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  • Cynthia Sarver (@cynthiasarver) - Reply

    January 26, 2012 at 8:51 am

    Hi Alan,
    I really love the kinetic typography post by Tim Owens and was hoping to try the medium myself. I did some hunting and found his accompanying post ( and the one that inspired him ( to discover that it was made with an Adobe software package called After Effects (
    Do you know whether there any ds106 tutorials from wayback (a repository perhaps?) where I might find instructions on how to do a kinetic typography vid? We have the Adobe suite on campus here, so I’m thinking I might “play” with it, but AE (and digital typography) looks as if it’s just a tiny piece of an otherwise very sophisticated and likely hard to use program.
    So, do you (or anybody) have a quick and dirty tutorial for someone wanting to create using kinetic typography? Thanks!

    • CogDog - Reply

      January 26, 2012 at 10:14 pm

      Hi Cynthia,

      We don’t have a repository of tool tutorials, at best a search on the site might hit something, but this was a specialized effort. If you go back to Tim’s post, down in the comments I think he listed some resources… I would suggest just contacting him.

      My sense was it is not trivial. You might get close to some of the feel with prezi.

  • emmanuel - Reply

    May 11, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    well i think cyberinfastructure is a kind of a new way to help some of us to be what we’ve dreamt of being for long. this is because lets say i wanted to be a voice to be heard but im an introvert, the internet will help me since its going to be like a shield covering me from my audience, and as in blogging too makes it more easier with it.

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