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Mickey Has Lost His Head!

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Oh that dog! This is my contribution for today’s ds106 Daily Create assignment

Create your headless ds106 portrait.

Mickey is my long gone (11 years) Labrador Retriever that became my logo everywhere, on the blog, on Twitter, even on my arm:


That is headFULL not headLESS. So I went back to the original photo the icon came from, a shot in my old backyard in Scottsdale

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alan Levine

where you might notice that I took the liberty of flipping his head to point his gaze. So I went in and erased his head in PhotoShop:

mickey head erasde

And started to work the clone brush to fill in the blank spot. But it was a lot to cover, and was looking sloppy. SO I thought why not do some coverup?

Since I see them so often whole editing photos in Aperture on my creaky old Mac, I tossed in a beachball PNG I found out there somewhere on the google.

But it still seemed empty. And dull.

So why not put me?

Yeah me!

Young me!

So I used this photo of little Alan in my backyard in Baltimore, damn that kid looks happy

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alan Levine

So now we have me and my headless dog. Whatever that means.

And I also find myself blogging a single Daily Create when I planned to do weekly summaries.

You can’t lose your head over rules!

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