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Monday Teach In

By Posted in - Class Recaps & Spring 2012 UMW Tricks on April 2nd, 2012 0 Comments

This week in ds106 I am asking my students to do a 5 minute overview of a technique or trick they learned in video editing by showing one of their video projects. I’m getting a lot out of it myself as the students teach and give each other feedback in class.

Tonight’s demos included:

What I learned is I want to try my hand at After Effects (a ha, I actually have a full copy on my old laptop). A lot of students are making great progress with Movie Maker; Keelin found a link to the older 2.6 version that has more features than the current ones. Hannah used and shared a free Windows video editor that looks like it had a lot of good built in effects- check out Videopad. Quite a few students took advantage of the incompetech site for old style silent era music as well as the Internet Archive’s 78RPM collection.

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